About Us

The SPPA Society (formally MAPA), serves the interests of students attending the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) by promoting academic growth, social enrichment, and professional development. Through events, information sessions, student advocacy and representation, the SPPA Society is committed to helping SPPA students have a bright graduate experience. The SPPA Society has an executive consisting of a President and four Vice-Presidents, as well as a broader team that includes five MPPA Student Representatives, a Sustainable Energy Policy Program Representative, a PhD Program Representative, two liaisons to the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and a Professional Development Representative – all elected by the SPPA student body.

All SPPA Society budgets and actual spending amounts are available at the request of students and/or sponsors, as required by our constitution.

2017-2018 SPPA Society Vision

The 2017-2018 Student Society is committed to enhancing professional development opportunities, strengthening the institutional knowledge of the SPPA Society, and fostering community building.

First, the SPPA Society aims to enhance the professional and academic opportunities available to students. We aim to achieve this by making information and resources for co-op readily accessible for students entering the process, hosting more student-led co-op information sessions, increasing co-op office visits, and providing a forum for co-op questions and advice. Additionally, we aim to build and maintain SPPA alumni networks by hosting several alumni events.

Second, the SPPA Society aims to continue building the institutional knowledge of the Society itself. We aim to achieve this by running a balanced budget, and ensuring that we leave the Society’s budget in a better state than when we inherited it. Additionally, we plan to update the constitution and organization of the Steering Committee in order to make the Committee more effective, as well as ensuring that future Executives have the requisite understanding to successfully run the Society.

Finally, the SPPA Society aims to facilitate strong community building within the SPPA student population. We aim to achieve this by promoting student well-being, hosting inclusive events to ensure ample opportunity to interact within the program, and providing health and wellness resources and activities. Additionally, we aim to better integrate ancillary SPPA Programs, and to build bridges between SPPA and other related programs to expand personal and professional networking opportunities.

  • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Building alumni and professional networks
    • Making co-op information more accessible
  • Building Institutional Knowledge
    • Balancing the budget
    • Ensuring accountability
    • Updating the Constitution to meet the current and future needs of the society
  • Community Building
    • Promoting student well-being
    • Integrating ancillary programs
    • Building bridges with related programs

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